When we first started dating in college, my wife and I decided we would take a non-traditional approach to our finances. We chose to leave the money we made from our jobs in our checking accounts, but anything extra would go directly into savings. (Don’t worry. We also had the maximum retirement savings automatically deducted from our paychecks before it went into our bank accounts.) 


After years of saving every tax refund, every bonus, and every bit of cash from graduations, our wedding, birthdays, inheritance, and other special occasions, we knew it was time to take it out of our low-yield savings account and invest it.


After some heart-to-heart talks about what we were comfortable with and deciding the stock market was too volatile for us, we decided to invest our money in real estate. There was only one problem. We were amateurs who didn’t know anything about real estate or investing. 


So, we learned. We took online courses and followed gurus and consulted with professionals. We bought, renovated, and sold some properties. We made some costly rookie mistakes, and we made some great financial decisions. As of now, we own several properties in three states. 


Now, we’re here to share our knowledge with other amateurs who want to learn what it takes to invest in real estate.